About Us

Friends of the Knox County Public Library has fostered a love of libraries, books, and reading in the Knox County area since 1970.

We are a group of library lovers who:

  • Value the need for an excellent, free public library available to everyone.
  • Advocate and raise support for the 19 locations in our library system.
  • Contribute funds through annual membership dues and donations.
  • Donate our time through volunteering.
  • Share our love of books and reading through outreach initiatives and collaborations with dozens of community organizations.
  • Raise funds to sponsor our community outreach and support library programs not funded by the library’s budget.

Since 1970 Friends has donated over $1M to the Knox County Public Library. Our used book shop and book sales raised nearly $98,000 in FY 2023. Some of the library programs currently receiving support from Friends of the Library include the new Storybook Trails program, the Children’s Festival of Reading, Summer Library Club, and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Knox County.

By virtue of our charter as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we serve as the fiscal agent for library grants and sponsorships which require control by a non-governmental agency.

2023-2024 Leadership


Cindy Gibson, President
Scott Muir, President-Elect
Susan Alexander, Secretary
Stacey Olfe, Treasurer
Bonny Naugher, Member at Large


Brewton Couch
Brooke Everett
Chris Hood
Diane Tuccillo
Elizabeth Birdwell
Meredith James



Sheryl Hulse, Coordinator

Committee Chairs

Advocacy & Outreach: Scott Muir
Author Events: Brooke Everett
Charter & Bylaws: Brewton Couch
Communications: Susan Alexander
Investments: Chris Hood
Member & Donor Engagement: Meredith James, Gayla Guignard
Nominating & Board Development: Elizabeth Birdwell
Organizational Assessment & Strategic Planning: Bonny Naugher
Sales & Distribution:
Volunteers: Jean Idell, Julie Langford