Who We Are

Friends of the Knox County Public Library is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that supports a vision of an excellent, free, public library available to everyone. We are a group of committed individuals who advocate and raise support for all 18 locations of the library system. Our members contribute funds through annual dues and donate time through volunteering. Thousands of people benefit from the library programs we sponsor throughout Knox County. Learn more about our organizational structure here


Claire Serrell, President
Maggie Carini, President-Elect
Bill Crosland, Past President
Rusha Sams, Secretary
LeAnn Luna, Treasurer


Janine Al-Aseer
Jen Cooper
Martha Gill
Kay Hays
Meryl Keegan
Suzanne Lenhart
Anabel Lino
Laurie Pearl
Dale Pearson
Jane Row
Sharon Smith


Kristen Faerber, Coordinator


The Ethical Dozen for Friends of the Library


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Friends of Tennessee Libraries (FOTL)



United for Libraries



Friends of the Knox County Public Library (KCPL) was founded on September 29, 1970. From a low-key, grassroots group, we have grown into an organization of active participants in a broad spectrum of projects and events. We have held a 501(c)(3) determination since 1972. Find out more about our history here.

Our outreach initiatives and collaborations with dozens of community organizations have brought our love of libraries, books, and reading to all corners of the county. Since 1970 Friends has donated over $1M to KCPL, supporting programs and items not covered by the public budget. Revenues from our used book shop and sales approach $60,000 annually, and the Friends Annual Used Book Sale is recognized as one of the best in the Southeast. Friends continually welcomes new volunteers who love, use and support the Knox County Public Library.


PhotoFriends volunteers gather before the opening of Members Only Day at the 2016 Used Book Sale